Are you ready to receive what is yours by Divine Right?

DaKara is the Queen of Receiving!
What are you ready to Relinquish in order to receive
your hearts desire?

Are you ready to step into your true life
purpose and passion?

It is your time to shine!

Are you ready to step into your full Spiritual Authority and
serve more clients from that capacity?

Awaken the Light within and align with your purpose and
that dwell deep within your heart!

Awaken your heart to the truth of who
you truly are!

Relinquish limiting beliefs and old aberrant patterns.

Ready to RELEASE the pain of the past?
Relinquish the pain in your body?
The heartache that holds you back?

DaKara is a Healers Healer

Changing the world one An Nur at at time

A share from a client…

“Clearing from your Heart Center!
Heart Point Healing – Empowerment Now

 Dakara is amazing. She is exceptionally gifted and good at what she does. She is able to tune into the individual person’s needs and customize her work to help you clear old energy, old patterns, old ways of thinking and behaving that do not serve you any longer. She has helped me let go of the emotional pain associated with a lot of past trauma. She is very compassionate but a true professional also. I would recommend her services very strongly.”

Pearl Rauberts, Florida