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 Check out these classes available from DaKara Kies

Energetic Restoration  Winter Solstice Healing Ceremony Ancestor Wisdom

 Learn More Here

Release the Old create sacred space for your heart’s desires

SolsticeRebirthLearn More here
Sacred  Healing Ceremony Honoring the return of the Light

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Ancestor WisdomLearn More here
Tap into your Ancestors Wisdom
through the blood lines!

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Balance Fall Equinox

Potential to SHINE Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo!
Fall Equinox BalanceLearn More Step into your Balance
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Radiate & shineLearn More
Summer Solstice
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inner weirdoLearn More

Being Weird is the new Normal

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BE Money

BE Balance

BE Healing


Learn More

Activate YOUR true
BEingness with Money

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BE BalanceLearn More

Fall Equinox ~ Full Moon

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Goddess PanacaeaLearn More
Dive Deep & Surrender
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Deep Wound Healing
Winter Solstice

A time of new beginnings!

Numerology & Alignment Call!

Winter SolsticeLearn More
Winter Solstice[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=17]
Spring Equinox

Learn More

Spring Equinox

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Numerology 2014

Learn More


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