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Ancestor Wisdom
Energy of the Lunar Eclipse & Healing
is held within the recording.

The Blood of the ancients runs through our veins.
Connect to your Ancients and Ancestors.

Create your own Sacred Vessel to hold the energy, wisdom,
and magic they are ready to share with you.

  Connect with your Ancestors during this powerful Blood Moon!

Discover what messages or secrets your Ancestors are ready
to share with you during this powerful Lunar Eclipse!

Retrieving  powerful messages, energy  and magic that will
support you in moving forward in life!

With the veil between the worlds so very thin this time of year, Mercury
having moved Retrograde this past weekend, this is the perfect time
reflect, revisit, reclaim some powerful wisdom!

 Think of a time in your life where one tiny tidbit or piece of energy
or information completely changed the way you look at life.   During this
lass we will connect with some of our ancestors and reclaim,
restore, revisit and or review powerful information.

Why is this important?   We carry the energies forward in our blood lines,
what if this one (two or three) pieces of wisdom empowered you into a whole
new way of being in your life? What if this shift in you, also created
a shift in your other family member for the good?

Transformation can happen in the blink of an eye, a shift of one particle
within your being. How might your life and the lives of your
parents, siblings, children change or transform?

80 + minutes of full on transformation!

Energy Exchange Only $97.00
Value $149.00

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  To prepare for the class, please have ready:

1. Pencil/Pen and paper
2. Water to drink during the session
3. A White Candle and something to light it with.
4. A red piece of paper or red cloth or a needle, tissue and alcohol swab.
This is to place a drop of blood upon the tissue or simply
use a red piece of paper or cloth.
5. Come with an issue or list of items, energies or challenges
you want clarity or wisdom about.

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