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Little Monkeys BE GONE!

Abby set an appointment as she was feeling out of balance.  Abby is seven months pregnant, so feeling out of balance is not unusual, but she shared that this seemed more extreme.  Abby has two small children, so it is challenging to set an appointment time.  She requested I tune into her and the baby long distance.

Recently at a family reunion, tension, stress and the energy of anger where flowing.  Abby was stressed prior to the event and then what she might have imagined happen around a sibling manifested.  The time with family brought up much negative energy for Abby.

I felt this energy at about a 10 when I started and it shifted to a 6. (on a scale of 1 -10 with 10 being high and intense and 1 being low).

In an email Abby shared how she had been feeling, I held those energies up to the light for healing, compassion and mercy. I felt a powerful flow of forgiveness and loving energy stream down right into the center of Abby’s heart.

I called forth the light of illumination to shine down for more clarity on how to assist Abby in releasing and clearing the anger and other emotions.

Little Abby came forth (inner child), she was hurt, frustrated, wounded and angry.  I observed little Abby stomping around, red in the face and thrashing her arms about. We cleared some interfering energies that were hanging around and asked for mercy to be showered down upon little Abby.

I asked little Abby what she needed for healing.  As we streamed down the unconditional love and happy bubbles filled with pink polka dot energy, little Abby shifted.  I requested little Abby come to me and I placed her in the lap of Divine Mother Azna.  Divine Mother wrapped her arms around little Abby and we sang to her, as Azna rocked gently her. I saw Mothers love energy wrapping warmly around her.

I saw white light come down through little Abby’s crown.  A trap door on the back of her head
open and little beings ran out. I want to call them little monkeys (this symbolically meant to me,
some of the old monkey mind programming was released).  We held little Abby in a space of unconditional love.

As Mother held her, I chanted down white light filled with little pink bubbles of unconditional love. Little Abby really likes bubbles (grin). This energy came down into the crown and down into the heart, filling the heart so full that the energy started radiating out through her entire body. Azna wrapped her robe around little Abby and when it was pulled back I saw adult Abby sitting in her lap. Adult Abby soaked in the love and sweet energy as Mother continued to rock.

Mother Azna then channeled this blessing message for Abby:
Be peace beloved one.  You are the foundation within your own being.  You stand in your power but from a space of inner weakness (the wounded inner child).  KNOW that you are so deeply loved and the love in your heart shines out to those around you.  Share this sweetness with the inner you, your beloved little Abby.  She still thirsts for your acknowledgement and love.  Give her a few minutes each day. You are so richly loved.

When tuning back into adult Abby and little Abby. The energy rating had dropped to a 0.  What a blessing!

In return emails Abby shared that she felt profoundly different and noted it was around the time I had been working on her behalf.  Deep Gratitude was shared as Abby now felt she could focus on her children from a place of peace and love vs the frustration that had been bubbling up.

For Baby in the belly
I acted as surrogate and tuned into baby. Baby has some spunky energy!   Mother Azna was present to assist this blessed little soul.  Baby felt off balance as well. I held the HPT pose and sent pink light down through the points allowing the unconditional love to fill her.  Baby asked if it was safe for her when she comes out into the world.  She was carrying some fear energy – we sent more light to assist her in feeling safe and assured her that it was safe and that she would be deeply loved by her new earth family. We chanted down the energy of mercy, peace and safety.

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