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Wanting to be bad

Dana called for a session to address feelings that she is abusing herself with being glutinous with food, drinking alcohol and smoking.  In the past Dana felt she had more control over being able to exercise moderation around her “simple pleasures”.  What was once a simple pleasure, now felt like a path to self judgment and destruction.

I had Dana hold the HPT pose, w called forth the light of illumination and asked where this energy of self abuse was living.  Dana felt it in her throat chakra.  It needed to “fully receive the light”.  There was a part in her throat; Dana shared that ‘wanted to be bad”.  This was rated at a 10 out of a scale of 1-10, with 10 being high. We determined that there was also a gatekeeper in her throat supporting the energy of “wanting to be bad”.  When we asked the gatekeeper what was needed energetically for it to be healed, the gatekeeper stated it needed a “new job”.

As we called the energy forth to her high self point, Mother Mary came forth and wrapped her loving blue robes around Dana. Mary’s energy gracefully came down into the crown through the corpus collosum, glands and eye points. As the energy arrived at the throat I saw the gatekeeper move into the right side of Mother Mary’s robe and was release to its next highest purpose (its new job).  Chanting An Nur, Mother Mary’s beautiful blue healing energy of mercy, compassion and forgiveness enveloped Dana’s throat chakra.  Feeding it what was needed for balance and healing, then the energy moved into Dana’s heart to anchor in this new wisdom connecting the heart and the throat.  Dana shared that this energy now had a rating of a 2.

When I tuned back into Dana’s energy field I still felt some interfering energies in her throat chakra. I chanted Biz moo allah and clapped my hands 3 times and the energy was gone. I also saw little boxes of “being bad energy” sitting over in the corner, simply fade away.  Dana shared that throat felt like it had a zero rating and that now seemed like the previous fear energy was a joke and wasn’t really anything at all.

Mother Azna came forth and asked Dana if she was ready to stand in her spiritual authority. Dana had some hesitation, but said yes.  Dana felt the hesitation energy was in her first and second chakra’s and was connected to her “identity”  She gave this a rating of a 10.

I felt Azna’s powerful energy come in and shared with Dana that I would simply chant Al-Mu’min (the Guarantor). I saw Azna, Dugra Mata, Lakshmi and Mother Mary stand in a cube of energy for Dana.  First the divine mothers commanded any interfering energies to be gone NOW! Dana felt a powerful shift of energy come into her first chakra.  Then they had me moving my hands in a way as if to lock the ‘puzzle’ pieces into place.  When it felt complete in the first chakra, the energy cube moved up to the second chakra, I continued changing Al-Mu’min and guiding the cube as directed. Whew, powerful energy was a foot!  When the transformation was complete it appeared that new grids of energy had been laid in place for Dana in those two chakras.

When we checked back in, Dana felt a complete transformation and that she had fully received the light into her throat, first and second chakras.  Dana rated the first and second chakras at a zero.  She felt strong and ready to step forward in life and to enjoy the simple pleasures as guided.

Dana also shared that she felt it would be easier to come from a place of moderation with food, alcohol and smoking.   The guides suggested she try an electric cigarette and to allow her self the pleasure if indeed it felt right. They also suggested that she take a sea salt and essential oil bath to assist in clearing her etheric bodies.  The biggest invitation was to release all self judgment and stand in her spiritual authority and self forgiveness.

Dana shared that she now feels anchored and grounded in her being.  She shared that she feels she is fully ready to stand in her power as a healer and share her gifts with the world!

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