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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

TJ called upset with her boyfriend.  They had been dating for a couple of years. Six months prior Carl took a job in another state.  TJ felt that Carl was her soul mate and was having a hard time even considering letting the relationship go.  Carl had been sowing his wild oats, shall we say while living in the other state.  He would ask for forgiveness and TJ would grand it, but she felt the distance growing.

TJ has strong cultural values and beliefs that are important based on her religion.  Carl’s behavior was not in alignment with those beliefs nor was he following other traditional beliefs around the culture.

As we tuned into TJ’s energy field, the presence of interfering energies seemed to have a grip on her. Holding the HPT points we called forth the Beings of Light, the Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist in removing the interfering energies.  Archangel Michael came forth with his mighty sword and cut away some connected souls.  As the energy came down through TJ’s crown the tears began to flow.  She had pent up so much energy in trying to stay strong in this relationship.

The energy supporting the release of all aberrant patterns flowed all the way down to her cradle of creation (pelvic bone region) as we asked for new healthy energies of love, protection and well being to fill TJ’s being for her highest and best. This felt like a great foundation to support TJ.

The guides shared that a Soul Healing would allow the old hurtful energies between TJ & Carl to be released and to create space for divine forgiveness and truth. TJ was at a 10 plus (rating based on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being high in intensity) on the hurt and ache in her heart around Carl.  She felt she had forgiven him over and over and was at a loss as to staying or prying herself away from the relationship. (Actually she was pretty determined to stay and figure out how to make it work.)

TJ was guided into a beautiful summer meadow, the sun gently warming her cheeks, the smell of sweet flowers wafting across her nose.  A circle of light was created at the edge of the meadow and just on the other side other the circle of light a band of Angels came forth offering their full love and support.

We called Carl into the circle of light, his soul and energy came willingly.  TJ and Carl gazed deeply into each others eyes as their soul energy lifted up above their personality bodies.  All other souls that were connected and would benefit from this healing where called forth into the circle.

I could see deep love between TJ and Carl.  I observed they had shared many life times together. We called forth the energies of Divine Love, forgiveness and the sweetness of life and the journey of loving each other.  This came as a radiant pink energy filled with sparkling blue dots. The energy flowed into the crowns of both TJ & Carl and out their hearts, cris-crossing down to their personality bodies and to all in the circle.

Loving energy filled the circle as the energy flowed.  To further support the healing, we performed a KA Body healing.  Chanting the energies into the KA body to activate the cells and then singing them down into the physical/personality bodies for all in the circle of light.

TJ felt a huge shift and the energy rating dropped to a zero.  TJ felt that she could stand in her power and tell Carl that his behavior either stopped and they moved forward in an agreed direction, or she was done.

Later (a week or two) TJ called and shared that she had told him she could no longer stay in the relationship.  TJ had moved into a place of peace and felt good about letting the relationship go.  She could ‘see’ that he was most likely going to continue his wild oats sewing for some time and TJ is ready for a more meaningful relationship of marriage and children.

What amazed me was the dramatic shift in her voice, energy and being around the subject.  One of the things the guides shared with her during the original session was that she was in Carl’s heart.  This validated something for her on a deeper level. To the point that she now feels she can move on and attract someone with the same cultural values and interested in family and marriage.

TJ was invited to draw out a Heart shape on a piece of paper and write in it all the things her heart desired in a relationship.

She recently called me for an appointment, this time to share that she had 4 men interested in her and was looking for clarity on direction and healing anything else that may be holding her back from her hearts desire.  What a shift!  I am so grateful to be of service.

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