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Full Moon Magic

On this call we created sacred space and expressed
our gratitude for all we have in our lives.

Step into the transformational fire to
burn away what is no longer serving you!

During this call I share a couple of healing
processes and lead you through the
portal to the realm of Magic.
We then wander down a path into
the Garden of your Heart
where you were guided to in creating
a magical charged elixir that you
bring back to the mundane world
to drink in real time.

Items to bring to the call:

Bring Pen, Paper, a candle and
something to light it with.

A glass of water to create your elixir.

Your bright shiny self!

Water to sip to assist the energy in
moving through your field.

Click on this image to access the replayfmmreplayDownload instructions below

 Recorded on the June 2014 Full Moon
Value $99.95

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Download Instructions:

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If you are using a Mac and have trouble : If you have QuickTime Pro,
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click on it (to select it), and then hit “Copy”.   Now open “Window  Downloads” and
hit “Paste” and it will begin to download. The file itself will then be on your  computer,
wherever your downloads normally land (typically in a
“Downloads” folder) and can be put into  your iTunes or played
however you play mp3 files.


11 Responses to Full Moon Magic

  • Hello DaKara,

    I listened to your call last night. Realizing today that I must have gone out (fell asleep) a couple of times during the call. One of the times that I ‘came back’ was when you were suggesting that people raise their hands. In a groggy, wakening state, I raised mine and asked a question regarding a relationship. Your guidance was so eloquent and spot on. In following your advice, the situation about which I inquired has turned completely around in the most beautiful of ways just in the hours since the call.

    I just finished listened to the recording, and all I can say is that it truly was Magical in countless ways. I am sending my eternal gratitude to you and intending that the gifts your beautiful soul has offered to others be returned to you ten fold…and so it is.

    Thank You – Thank You, Thank You!


    • – Oh Kara, I LOVE how you work your magic. So stunning. I love her pony. Perfect touch. Assateague is like our snecod home. Beautiful work friend. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Hi Dakara,
    I’m listening to the replay.
    Thank you very much for your generosity, and Happy Birthday!
    Alex from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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