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Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo!

Being Weird is the new NORMAL

inner weirdo
Discover the parts of yourself that hold judgments to what
you believe, who you think you are verse
how you want other to
perceive you, is holding you back from your radiance and true self.

3 energies that hold you back from being WHOLE, Complete and in
alignment with your true purpose.

STOP giving your power away to others judgments,
preconceived ideas, and lack of truth.

STOP caring about what others think!  This is the
BIGGEST power stealer there is!

Unleash YOUR Inner Weirdo, embrace it, so that you can stand
in your truth and power. Be free of those daunting energies that hold
you back from your radiance!

Do you FEAR others judging you?
Does that feel heavy or light?

During this 2 part workshop we will dive into past life energies,
where you may have been harmed, tortured, given death for speaking your
truth and allowing your inner weirdo to be fully present.

We will  clear Gatekeepers that are holding your
inner weirdo hostage.

What Belief Keepers are lurking and holding old paradigm
beliefs that are not allowing your sweet little weirdness to
come out and play.

Clear humiliation energies from the past when you did step
up and share your inner truth only to be shamed and put
down for your beliefs and truths.

Clear ancestral connections that are hindering and
holding you back. What family secrets around magic, energy
and beliefs is keeping your inner weirdo fearful of
coming out to play?

Does your inner critic have a name?
What about that voice of Judgment, self judgment,
that darn inner critic, the naysayer who keeps telling
you to pipe down, be quite, it’s safer to not be seen or heard?

How much influence does it have over your day to day life? 
Your decision making process?

Let give it a new job or new name, one that supports you and your journey.
We’ll cover that in class too!

Are you READY to be free of all that?  Ready to feel invigorated to speak up,
share your wisdom, talents and gifts?

Imagine feeling connected to those around you, those who too
have embraced their inner weirdo!
After attending this class you
may find yourself attracting new peeps into your life, ones
 that “get you”,
people who you know you can trust and who you know you can be
your authentic self with!

How does it get any better than that?

 Part 1  
1 hour 41 minutes
Powerful clearings, visit the Hall of Records to release Agreements,
Contracts and Vows. Receive a gift from the Archangels to bring back with you!
Play with Silly String as we transform the old
hurt, pain, sorrow and grief from our Inner Child, and
so much more!

Part 2 
1 hour 37 minutes
In part 2 we dove into a past life, where you were humiliated, hurt or
given death for sharing your Authentic Self, as well as giving the Gatekeeper
what was needed for healing and release. We connected with Ancestors and
did a Group Soul and Ancestor healing to bring peace, love and forgiveness to
all beings who choose to come into the circle for  healing.
Belief Keepers where given a new belief to support you in BEING true to your self!
Then a magical meditation the meet and integrate with your Authentic Self
and bring in to your body and bones what is needed to support you standing
in your spiritual authority and truth! BOOM… all woven together with the
light.  Participants shared at the end of the call the peace they were feeling!

Isn’t it truly time to let all this past gobbledy gook go, so that you
feel good,
inspired and ready to take action
steps in your life

What’s holding you back?

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